The weirdest popes in history

History of The Catholic Church was not only the good history. We know about religious wars, abuses, politics and other evil things for what are catholic officials responsibilities. The popes were by the same way not only a saints men. They were also selfish, cruel and sinful. Below a few of popes who did the weirdest things in history.




John XII

He was the youngest pope: his pontificate he started at age 18 and died at 24 (probably during sex with one of his mistress or with some help of her husband). His the most famous accomplishment is to change the sacred palace into a whorehouse. His pontificate took place during the “pornocracy” epoch, when prostitutes had a big influence for popes decisions.

Benedict IX

He was the pope three time – two times he was removed from the throne, but once he... sold the papacy because he wanted to marry. His marriage didn’t come to effect so Benedict IX decided to return on the throne. He poisoned Clement II and became the pope third time. He had very “weird” and cruel hobby: he raped people (women, men, children), tortured and murdered them, he is also known as a thief.

Sixtus IV

He had six illegitimate sons (he called them “nephews”), one of them he conceived with his own sister. He “celebrated” nepotism, gave his family a lot of very lucrative jobs and money. After his death – all of his family was driven off from Rome.

Paul II

He loved splendor and his own look the most. He spent a lot of money for jewellery, he spent time in the front of mirror and absolutely didn’t think about church’s issues. As an old man he tortured and murdered a lot of young boys.