3 neopagan religous movements

As you remember from school: there are three the biggest religions in the world: Christianity, Islam and Hinduism. But there are also some natural religion we call “paganism” (but “paganism” is a word which describe only non-Christian religion, in Meddle-Age that word was offensive; today we understand “paganism” as primitive, natural religion without any system). There is also Pagan Federation International, which popularize Neopaganis. Below three examples of that kind of religion.





1. Ásatrú

Ásatrú is a reconstruction of Norse mythology. People, who profess Ásatrú, gain their knowledge about ceremonies and rite from Icelandic literature, archeological sources and scientific research. Their symbol is Mjölnir, the hammer of Thor, the Norse god associated with war, thunders and lightening. The main rules of this religion are known as The Nine Noble Virtues: Courage (Valiance), Truth (Sincerity), Honor, Fidelity, Discipline, Hospitality, Self Reliance and Industriousness (Diligence).

2. Slavonic religion

The reconstruction of pre-Christian religious movement is popular mainly in Poland, Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. But that pagans have a big problem: there are very few sources which gave us unambiguous information about pre-Christian religion, ceremonies, rites and even gods’ names in East Europe. That’s way there are several Slavonic Religion Societies with different rules, gods and rites.

3. Wicca

Wicca is not quite a religion but something like witchcraft. Wiccans worship two gods: Triple Goddess and Horned God. The most important rites take place at the beginning of every season. They also celebrate initiations for a few levels. Their symbol is a pentacle. Wicca is very mysterious.

Problem with neopagan, ethnic religious movement

Part of neopagans associates with nationalism or sometimes fascism. Some people, who profess Ásatrú or Slavonic religion, call themselves as white supremacists or even racist. It’s a big problem for all neopagan society and racism or nationalism contradict rules of respect other live being.